The council have agreed for us to use the space between the existing skatepark and the tennis courts / basketball / football pitches for us to design and build a brand new bike pump track for Clevedon. We are very excited about this opportunity (although it means we have to raise more money). We feel that the addition of a new pump track in Clevedon will be a really great addition for the community.

What is a bike pump track?

A pump track is primarily designed for bikes to be ridden around through the use of a pumping movement. They consist of curves, bends and bumps. They are becoming increasingly popular around the world. There are now even pump track world championships.  In addition to mountain bikes and BMX’s, pump tracks can also be used by scooters and skateboarders as so would be a great addition to the area. 

Pump track example

An example of a recent pump track development is shown below, from the Inverness Pump Track. 

Inverness Pump Track Development


Clevedon Skate Project are currently tendering for contractors to deliver / build our two big projects – the skatepark and the bike pumptrack. These are two separate tenders. If you are interested in submitting a tender please follow these links to our tender documents where you will find all the details. Tenders are to be submitted by 30th August 2019.

Documents on Contracts Finder:

Skate Park:

Pump Track:

Get involved

If you are interested in biking and would let to get involved helping develop the pump track please contact us

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