Our primary aim is to build a new skatepark and pumptrack, which we feel will be a great addition to the town of Clevedon. We also feel that this development will build the confidence of those who use it, and build the community. To reach our aims we have a number of projects. Please look over these as well as get involved in any or all of them,

Building the skatepark

One of our biggest projects is the redevelopment of the existing skate park. Please check out the project here [skate park redevelopment].

Building a pump track

Since we began we have realised that we can not only build a skatepark but there is space and demand for a world class pump track. We feel this would be an amazing addition to the sea front in Clevedon. Check out the pump track project here [pump track project].

Building a community hub

One of the ways in which we aim to build confidence and build the community is to provide an outreach hub for those who use the skatepark and pump track. Please check out our community hub project here [community hub project].

Skateboard training

We feel that skateboarding is a great activity for all people, but particularly for young people. However we also know that sometimes it can be challenging and difficult to feel confident enough to learn and practice. To fulfil our aims we hope to secure funding to run skate training events at the skatepark and beyond. We hope to also train some young skate trainers to help run these sessions. Check out our skate trainer project here [skate trainer project].

Other projects

If there are other projects that you feel we could be involved with which would help support our aims do get in touch. Also if you would like to help us on any of the projects listed do contact us.

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